HOLT CAT New Products: Land Management Tools

HOLT CAT Land Management Tools

Land Management Tools

HOLT® has a full line of land management tools that meet a variety of needs, from initial brush removal to final surface preparation. HOLT’s Custom Engineered Products division can design and fabricate a wide range of specialty tools. 

CEP is dedicated to providing you with a high quality, dependable, manufactured and custom fabricated products.  As a division of the largest and one of the oldest Cat dealers in the United States, we are very experienced in the packaging, customization and modification of Cat products, as well as the manufacture of engine peripherals and heavy equipment attachments.

The product line of CEP is limited only by your imagination.  Apart from custom applications, we have a standard line of high quality products, including the following:

  • root plow, land management tools, top rippersTop Loading Rippers
  • Top Loading Ripper Loops
  • Subsoilers
  • Stinger Plows
  • Regrowth Rippers
  • Ripper Loops
  • Cab Screens
  • Wheeled Root Rakes
  • Regrowth Plows & Rakes
  • Blade Rakes
  • Top Loading Rakes
  • Virgin Root Plows & Rakes

Not only does the CEP division have the experience, we also have the tooling.  The CEP division has 17,750 square feet of enclosed shop area equipped with 7.5 ton overhead hoists, and equipment ranging from milling machines to TIG welding machines.  Our top-notch tooling is complemented by a full-time staff of certified welders and machinists who we believe are among the best in the industry.

The design and fabrication of machine attachments is what first established HOLT CAT in the manufacturing business more than 50 years ago.  Our experience as a Cat dealer give us the edge.  We have designed and fabricated root plows, root rakes, blade rakes, stackers, grubbers, buckets, push blocks, seeder boxes and more for a wide variety of heavy equipment and for customers all over the world.  We can fabricate the standardized product line we have developed or we can design and build to your specifications for custom applications. Download the brochure below for more information.


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