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HOLT CAT Custom Engineered Products

Custom Engineered Products


HOLT's Custom Engineered Products (CEP) division is a complete resource to help customers solve specific problems and make operations more efficient. CEP will engineer solutions where there aren’t ready-made solutions available.

GIVE US YOUR IDEAS...We'll Turn Them Into Steel!

CEP is known for being able to take unique customer problems and turning them into custom designed attachments, tools, components and special application machines. The Custom Engineered Products division has at its disposal the full capability and experience of the companies machining, hydraulics, welding, line boring operations, Cat® engines and parts to provide complete custom fabrication service, from concept to design and drawings to finished products.

The current product line has evolved from products we fabricated for customers who needed tools to address specific challenges to their business operations and equipment—in almost any type of operation. Products include HOLT Spray King water tankers, excavator buckets, booms and sticks, landfill and demolition guarding packages, scraper wear kits, push blocks, counter weights and a full inventory of patented land management tools including plows, rakes and specialized implements.

Custom Parts and Fabrication, Turnkey Operations

Whatever the need, we can engineer a solution for you. In addition, CEP can refurbish worn components to original specs and offer mechanical design and reverse engineering of parts.

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Spray King Water Tankers

Since 1965, the HOLT's Custom Engineered Products division has been manufacturing a line of high quality, Cat-powered water tankers.

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Land Management Tools

HOLT has a full line of land management tools that meet a variety of needs, from initial brush removal to final surface preparation.

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